Find extra motivation and accountability by committing to an event.

Set yourself a goal, sign up to an event, and take the first steps towards a healthier, fitter and faster you.

Participating in sporting events is an incredibly rewarding experience. Having an event to train for can be incredibly motivating and provide a great sense of purpose to your fitness regime, and help you to achieve other goals along the way, such as losing weight, being more physically active and eating healthier. 


Most mass participation events will offer events of various distances, and cater for athletes of all ages and abilities. There will be an event suited to first-timers and beginners, as well as those who race often. The active community is very supportive and welcoming, so don't be concerned about your ability or lack of experience, or let those worries stop you from getting involved. 


You can start small, and once you've caught the bug (it's almost inevitable), then continue challenging yourself and step up the distance next time you participate. For example - at triathlon events, look for the Enticer distance, and running events will usually offer a short (~5km) run/walk with a generous time cut-off. Parkrun is another fantastic way to regularly challenge your fitness, and meet like-minded active people from your local community. 


If you already a regular competitor, then why not challenge yourself by signing up to an event that's different to your 'normal'. Find a destination race and enjoy a race holiday. If you enjoy road running, why not try a trail run? If you're a triathlete, why not enter an off-road triathlon, duathlon, running or open water swim event? 

Check out these upcoming events for some inspiration!

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