Get your Fix. Run your Best.

All athletes deserve the opportunity to thrive, and realise their potential.

You can achieve your goals with Running Fix - however humble or lofty they may be. 


Running Fix has been founded with thought, and is run with passion. A wealth of knowledge and industry experience, a strong passion for being active, and a desire to share this passion. 

Running Fix provides running and triathlon coaching through both ready-made and personalised training programs, running gait analysis, and podiatry services with a focus on athletes and sports injuries. Running Fix is here for athletes of all abilities - whether you're an elite athlete, fitness fanatic, everyday exerciser, competitive commuter, or just taking the first steps on your active journey - to help you enhance your running experience. 

With Running Fix, you can chase your goals, be your best and build a sustainable enjoyment for good health, fitness and exercise. Get your fix, run your best, and reach your potential.

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My background, experience & passion.

I love being fit, active and healthy. For much of my life I've made exercise and training a priority, and I honestly feel that I'm much better for it - both physically and mentally.

I founded Running Fix because I want to share my passion with you - to help you find enjoyment in exercise and reach your athletic potential. 

With my knowledge, skills and experience in sports coaching, podiatry and visual running gait analysis, I have plenty of expertise to offer. 

I have a dual degree in Health Science (Podiatry) and Applied Science (Human Movement Studies), having graduated from QUT in 2013. My podiatry experience is varied, but my focus and passion is dealing with athletes and runners - diagnosing and managing their injury concerns. I also have significant experience in coaching athletes of all ages and abilities across a range of disciplines, including learn to swim, swimming, cross country and distance running. I've seen so many feet, fitted many hundreds (if not thousands) of pairs of running shoes, and gained a range of skills through my work in podiatry, running specialty, retail and wholesale sales. 


I also have extensive personal experience as an athlete. Throughout my time at school, I participated in almost every possible individual or team sport. I was a competitive swimmer in primary school, and developed as a runner later in secondary school. I've been racing triathlons since late in 2010, and am now racing as a professional, having gained my non-drafting professional license in December 2018. Balancing training with work and life, managing injury, dealing with stress and coping with expectation - these are just some of the difficulties that face athletes of all abilities. Addressing and overcoming these challenges is not taught, but rather learned through experience.

My goal is to improve your running, triathlon and exercise experience - to help you find your passion and enthusiasm for training, and ensure you can live a healthy and active lifestyle that is both enjoyable and sustainable. Through Running Fix, I will share my passion and offer a comprehensive range of services to achieve this - including running and triathlon coaching, running gait analysis, and podiatry services with a focus on athletes and sports injuries.