Not just any generic training plan. Get a plan, tailored to you. 

Are you chasing a goal, but don't think you're ready to commit to one-on-one coaching?

As an athlete, you can also gain a lot of benefit just from following a generic program. Chosen correctly, a structured plan will promote improvement by moderating training load (volume, intensity, frequency) and providing accountability. However, the physical training is only one aspect of developing yourself as an athlete. When following a typical generic program, you miss out on that meaningful coach-athlete relationship, and many other insights. 


The ready-made training plans I offer are different. I want my athletes to feel a sense of belonging and a strong connection both with their training, and with me as their coach. I have developed a wide range of ready-made plans to appeal to athletes with varying levels of athletic experience, different time constraints and different outcome goals.


However, there's a twist. You chose the plan - then, I tailor it specifically to you.

Through a comprehensive contact form, I'll collect details of your running and/or triathlon experience and training history, any previous injuries, current training load and ability level, your weekly commitments and time constraints, and what you want to achieve by following your training plan. This information will help me refine the generic training to suit your needs.

You will receive your own detailed training schedule to cover the entire duration of the plan you've selected (ie. 6 or 12 weeks). Regular contact is encouraged - I love hearing about your training, but especially need to be aware if you have any questions or concerns, or need to make changes to your program. You will receive a weekly email to check on your progress. These emails will also contain additional information on relevant topics including lower limb injuries, running gait analysis, footwear selection, injury management, recovery and managing stress. Again, whilst not personalised, this information is valuable and will provide a more thorough understanding of concepts that contribute to being a healthy athlete, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle longterm. 


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A great range of ready-made training plans have been developed for you to choose from.

Each plan has been constructed based around different levels of fitness and training experience, and is designed to target different benefits and outcomes. The plans vary in their required time commitment, total training load, and type of sessions they prescribe. Get in touch for help to determine your best option.  

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To ensure your training plan is best suited to your needs, you will need to complete the "athlete history form". 

You will be asked questions about your current training and future running/triathlon goals, your training and injury history, your current work and life commitments, and the time you have to commit to training. Your chosen plan will then be customised for you. 


A great range of ready-made training plans to choose from.

Start your training with a ready-made plan, then have it customised to you.

Choosing the most suitable ready-made plan for you is the first step toward getting yourself started with customised training.

The diverse range of ready-made plan options have been designed to cater for different levels of fitness and training experience, and to promote different benefits and outcomes. The plans vary in their required time commitment, the total training load, and the type of sessions that are prescribed.

When choosing the best ready-made training plan for you, please consider:

- your current fitness level

- recent and previous activity/training history

- your goals (short term and long term, plus life goals)

- how much time you want to (and have available to) commit to training 

If you have any questions at all about the best plan for you, or how to get started - please get in touch.