Gait Analysis to get you running your best

Whilst there are ideals that exist around the best running technique, there is no running style that will suit every athlete or every runner. 

No two athletes are the same. Even though the key principles of good running technique remain constant, the way they are applied and achieved by each athlete will be different. 


The gait analysis services I offer will focus on finding your optimal running gait. I'll use a combination of visual and video gait analysis, and will also implement the use of Podosmart insoles to measure and provide comprehensive reporting on relevant gait parameters.

My goal is to determine the best steps for you to take on your running journey - to help you enjoy your running and perform at your best.

I will focus on the concepts of posture, foot strike position and cadence, and apply these to your running gait as applicable by using drills and cues. I will also explore and discuss your training, injuries and footwear choices and make recommendations as necessary. 

Improving your running technique will promote many benefits, including improved efficiency and reduced injury risk - both of which will give you more enjoyment, and allow more consistent training to improve your performance.



Utilising the Podosmart system will provide a comprehensive and objective method of analysis and reporting on various gait parameters.


The Podosmart insoles are exceptionally versatile in their application, so provide many advantages for both the athlete and myself as the clinician. With the use of Podosmart insoles, assessments can be conducted on a treadmill or various outdoor terrains, and for sessions lasting up to five minutes. Compared to a majority of clinical gait assessments, this extended analysis in a real-life setting provides a much more realistic application and analysis of both walking and running gait.

The insoles capture data on a number of biomechanical gait parameters including ground contact time, cadence, foot progression angle, pronation/supination angle, whilst variability and asymmetries are also identified.

Not only does Podosmart provide an incredible analysis straight up, but a fantastic platform for ongoing comparison of these parameters to monitor progress and change, and measure ​the effectiveness of treatment, management strategies and interventions. 

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Comprehensive Running Gait Analysis

1 hour - $160

In depth running gait analysis. Utilising the Podosmart insole system to provide objective measurement and reporting on a range of gait parameters, in addition to both a visual and video analysis. A full assessment of footwear, injury history and training history is also included. Recommendations will be made as necessary,  and may include interventions such as running drills, footwear and training advice, and load management strategies.

Podosmart Gait Assessment

20 min - $60

Walking or running gait assessment using the Podosmart insole system - discussion of findings and full report provided. Fantastic for active individuals involved in all kinds of physical pursuits.

This is a great basic gait assessment to monitor progress during injury rehabilitation or gait modification, or to determine the success of an intervention. This is a Podosmart gait assessment only - there is no biomechanical assessment performed.

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