Your plan. Your training. Your future. 

Designed properly, a personalised program should promote improved performance, manage injury risk and ensure longevity and enjoyment in your sport. By no means do you need to be an elite athlete to train on a personalised program - athletes of all ability levels can benefit.

Performance and achievement are quantified differently by everyone. As athletes, we all have goals - whether you want to run your first event, achieve a personal best or qualifying time, complete your first marathon, race a triathlon, or simply enjoy your training without getting injured. Following a personalised program will keep you on track to achieving your goals, help you to reach your potential, and ensure longterm health and enjoyment in your chosen sport.  

Having sessions specifically tailored to you, with a prescription of duration and intensity, should take advantage of your ability, experience level and goals. Vital for balancing overall physical training load, this approach also allows periodisation to manage short and long-term training load, peaking for particular events, and managing injury risk.

Although essential, the prescribed training sessions are just one piece of the personalised training puzzle. 

The commitment and stresses of work, family and life constraints must be balanced against those from training. The importance of nutrition, sleep and recovery also must not be overlooked.


Getting to know the whole athlete and building a strong coach-athlete relationship is essential, and will form the basis of all personalised plans. 

Your personalised training plan will include all your training sessions - prescribed weekly and adjusted as necessary, in addition to regular correspondence regarding anything and everything to help you be the best athlete you can be. As a qualified Podiatrist, I can provide detailed information regarding lower limb injuries and injury management, running gait analysis, and footwear selection. My experiences as an athlete and coach also give me great scope to discuss topics such as recovery strategies, sleep, nutrition, mental approach, and managing training around a busy life schedule - where I can of course recommend experts in these fields as deemed necessary and appropriate. 

I can't wait to share my passion with you as one of my athletes!



Legging it... towards a smoothie! 


Please start by completing the "Athlete History Form". You will be asked questions about your current training and future running/triathlon goals, your training and injury history, your current work and life commitments, and the time you have to commit to training.

Your answers will give me an idea of how we can best work together to achieve your goals, and provide the basis for our relationship as athlete and coach. 

“Before everything else, getting ready i


After going over your "Athlete History Form", I'll get in touch to organise a catch up (in person or over the phone) to explore and discuss your answers in more detail, and I encourage you to ask questions of me too. This will ensure we kickstart our coach-athlete relationship and your new training plan in the best possible way.

Good communication and trust are vital, so we'll discuss the best communication strategy for us. We'll also organise the best payment method for you - there are options, so just ask. 

Then - we get started with the training!