Treatment focussed on runners, athletes and active individuals 

It's a real privilege to combine my knowledge and expertise in podiatry, with my experience and passion as an athlete. I will offer specialist services to help runners, athletes and sportspeople back on their feet. 



Running Fix podiatry services include running gait analysis, biomechanical and footwear assessments, and foot care for athletes.

Having suffered through my own fair share of injuries, I understand how incredibly frustrating they can be, especially when your ability to train and enjoy life as you usually would is compromised. 

Throughout my journey, I've sought the guidance of many health practitioners, and the greatest successes have come from developing trust in them and the management strategy they're implementing.

But there are no shortcuts to success. 

Sporting injuries are most often complex, with multiple contributing factors. Time and care will be taken to assess clinical, medical and training history, symptoms, footwear, biomechanics and gait - to ensure that no stone is left unturned, and a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan can be developed and implemented. 



STAR Australia

Podiatry and Gait Analysis appointments will be conducted out of consultation rooms at STAR Australia.

3/11 Dan Street

Capalaba, Qld, 4157

Free parking is available on site. 

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Comprehensive Running Gait Analysis

1 hour - $160

In depth running gait analysis. Utilising the Podosmart insole system to provide objective measurement and reporting on a range of gait parameters, in addition to both a visual and video analysis. A full assessment of footwear, injury history and training history is also included. Recommendations will be made as necessary,  and may include interventions such as running drills, footwear and training advice, and load management strategies.

Podosmart Gait Assessment

20 min - $60

Walking or running gait assessment using the Podosmart insole system - discussion of findings and full report provided. Fantastic for active individuals involved in all kinds of physical pursuits.

This is a great basic gait assessment to monitor progress during injury rehabilitation or gait modification, or to determine the success of an intervention. This is a Podosmart gait assessment only - there is no biomechanical assessment performed.

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Biomechanical/Injury Assessment

45 min - $120

Ideal for investigating lower limb injuries and complaints, this appointment also provides all the necessary groundwork if orthotics are desired, or recommended. 
Functional testing, a biomechanical assessment and visual gait analysis will be conducted in addition to a comprehensive investigation and reporting of gait parameters using the Podosmart system. Injury presentation and symptoms, training history and footwear will also be discussed. Interventions will be implemented to manage and treat injury, promote recovery and return to training.

In cases when orthotics are recommended, scans will be taken also.


$450 - custom orthotics

(additional appointment costs apply)

Custom orthotics promote many benefits and effectively complement podiatry management in many different settings.

Designed and implemented appropriately, they can be used to assist in treating and resolving injuries, with the primary aim of achieving better load management and improving function. 

Custom orthotics are designed specific to your feet, and to fit your lifestyle and your shoes. They are designed after taking a scan of your feet, and fabricated by Paromed. 

Running Shoes

Footwear Recommendation & Fitting

30min - $90

Basic clinical and biomechanical assessment for the purpose of providing a footwear recommendation (and subsequent fitting appointment if desired). No current injury. 

A full assessment of foot and leg biomechanics, walking and running gait, injury history and both current and previous footwear. 

Foot Care for Athletes

30min - $80

Foot care especially designed for athletes. Addressing problematic skin and nail issues including black toenails, corns, callouses, blisters and tinea. Immediate treatment to address the issue, and strategies for long-term management and prevention.

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